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Quintana Roo PRsix Ultegra - 2015

To go faster, you need to cheat the wind or reduce weight. Quintana Roo does both with the PRsix Ultegra. Fully embracing the ultimate in speed, this carbon rig blends extensive wind tunnel testing with real-world riding applications to give you a wind-cheating TT machine that's also one of the… [more]

Quintana Roo CD0.1 Ultegra - 2015

Give yourself every advantage with Quintana Roo's supremely aerodynamic CD0.1 Ultegra. Born in the wind tunnel, this svelte carbon masterpiece utilizes QR's ingenious Shift Technology and an aero carbon fork to minimize drag, while its hidden front and rear brakes only slow you down when you want… [more]

Quintana Roo Dulce - Women's - 2016

Quintana Roo's state-of-the-art carbon-monocoque Dulce provides sleek aerodynamics and impressive power transfer for phenomenal efficiency. A carbon aero fork and QR's aero seatpost add to the wind-cheating velocity. This TT/Tri specialist is also stable and incredibly comfortable thanks to QR's… [more]

Quintana Roo CD0.1 Ultegra - 2016

Give yourself an edge with Quintana Roo's supremely aerodynamic CD0.1 Ultegra. Born in the wind tunnel, this slick machine incorporates QR's Shift Technology and an aero carbon fork to funnel turbulent air away from the drive side. It also incorporates hidden brakes to ensure they'll only slow you… [more]

Quintana Roo Kilo - 2016

Quintana Roo's Kilo will fly through the bike leg of your next triathalon! QR's lightweight carbon frame delivers exhilarating acceleration, and the aero carbon fork means precision handling and a super-smooth ride. Comfort comes standard thanks to QR's tri-specific geometry with a taller head tube… [more]

Quintana Roo PR3

Quintana Roo believes that every triathlete should attack the bike segment with every possible advantage, regardless of fitness, shape, and pocketbook. The PRthree keeps the geometry of the PRsix superbike and pro-level PRfive and retains most of the wind-cheating qualities of those bikes, but in a… [more]

Quintana Roo PR5 Ultegra - 2017

After releasing their impressive PRsix, Quintana Roo decided to follow it up with the PRfive, a lower-priced model that, in many respects, improves on the original. The frame design is largely identical, with the big departure being a traditional fork. This allows for greater flexibility in… [more]

Quintana Roo PR6 Ultegra - 2017

Quintana Roo is pretty happy with their PRsix frameset. When looking at ways to improve it, they came up with an answer that looks easy in retrospect, the Q Box. When setting up their rig for racing, many triathletes leave their gear, like spare tires, tubes, CO2 cartridges exposed to the wind.… [more]

8 Results