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At Tom's Pro Bike it's all about giving you the best cycling experience. Our stores are staffed with experienced cyclists, who ride the roads and trails just like you. With four great locations, we look forward to serving your cycling needs.

Bike Fitting

Feel Awesome on Every Ride

At Park Ave Bike Shop and Tom's Pro Bike, we specialize in bicycle fitting. We offer the most comprehensive custom bike fittings in East Amherst, Lancaster, and Rochester, NY. We've been doing bike fits since 1988. Using our extensive experience and the knowledge of multiple fitting classes, including the Serotta Elements Program, Dan Emplfield's Slowtwitch, and Specialized Body Geometry Fit, we can help you achieve the perfect fit. Learn more about our fit packages and call us today to schedule your appointment.

*All fits include a free check-in within 60 days; between 60 days and 1 year a check-in is 1/2 price (by appointment).

Bike Fit Packages

Retro Fit

Starting at $125 - Please allow 45 min - 1 hr

This fitting utilizes a new or current bicycle, and we determine the optimal fit based on the geometry of the bike. We will go through ideal saddle height and fore-aft, and proper reach and drop. A retro fit can make your bike fit like never before.  (Triathlon Retro Fit will start at $150)

Custom Fit

Starting at $250 - Please allow 1.5 hrs

This fitting offers you infinite possibilities. We start with a consultation to learn about your riding style and preferences. We then use our Waterford FitMaster to determine the perfect geometry for you and your riding style.

Body Geometry Fit

$350 - Please allow 2.5 - 3 hrs

The ultimate in bicycle fitting. A BG Fit involves a comprehensive physical assessment and on bike fit. Your fitter will take you through a pre-interview to determine goals, previous injury history, and riding style. The next step is a physical assessment to determine any limitations and flexibility. Using the information learned in the assessment a pre-interview, a comprehensive fit on the bike will take you to the perfect position on your machine.

Schedule Your Appointment

All bike fits are by appointment only to ensure that one of our fit experts can give you the attention that you need. Please call a Park Ave Bike Shop or Tom's Pro Bike location near you to make your appointment today so that you can ride better tomorrow!