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At Tom's Pro Bike it's all about giving you the best cycling experience. Our stores are staffed with experienced cyclists, who ride the roads and trails just like you. With four great locations, we look forward to serving your cycling needs.

Indoor Training Series

January 3rd - March 12th 

The Indoor Race Series is one of the best ways to keep your training program going through the chillier months of the year. Our Indoor Training Room will feature eight stations, all hooked up to a single computer, allowing all riders to ride the same course together, and even allowing riders to work together (drafting) to complete the course. Register today, and stay fit and be ready for spring! 

While we all them "races," many of our riders use our Indoor Training Series as a fun way to maintain fitness and ride with others during the off-season. Friendly competition is welcome, but all riders are encouraged to join and have a good time.

For November and December, we will offer FREE DEMO RIDES!  Reserve your spot on our race calendar below.

Series Format

10 races from January 3rd – March 12th. Each race takes place over 1 week.

Riders can race more than once per week. Your fastest time counts.

There will be 8 drafting races and 2 time trials (non-drafting races). 

Race #2 and Race #8 will be Time Trials.

8 races will count towards the final standings (2 lowest scores dropped).


Race Series Package: 10 credits, race once per week - $150

Unlimited Package: Unlimited Package + bike storage  - $350 

Individual Race Credit - $22

Register today by clicking on a calendar below!